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1989 Earthquake Reports and Photographs
The Museum’s Chronology of 1989 San Francisco Earthquake Effects
San Francisco Fire Department 1989 Earthquake Report
San Francisco Police Department Report
San Francisco Hall of Justice 9-1-1 Transcript and MP3 recording
Dept. of Public Health Executive Summary
Dept. of Public Works Report
San Francisco Water Dept. Report
San Francisco Municipal Railway Report
San Francisco Sheriff's Dept. Report
San Francisco Conservation Corps Report
San Francisco Debriefing on Command Center Operations
Oral Histories from the Presidio of San Francisco
Collapse of the Cypress Freeway in Oakland
City of Oakland Report
Report on Cities Near the Epicenter of the 1989 Earthquake

1989 Earthquake Epicenter Map
EERC Reports on the Loma Prieta Earthquake
Santa Cruz Mountains Damage
Reconstruction of Buildings at Stanford
Santa Cruz County 9-1-1 Transcript
National Warning System Trancript
Bay Area Earthquake Maps
The Chronicle's Guide to Earthquake Preparedness
San Francisco Fire Dept. Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams

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